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2006 Letters:

African American Archaeology Cheryl Harmon, January 17, 2006
Re: African American Archaeology Christopher C. Fennell, April 22, 2006
Eleven Civil War Ancestors Charles Robinson, January 20, 2006
Alex Banks, CCC Calobe Jackson, Jr., January 25, 2006
Tolliver Family Harryette Mullen, January 25, 2006
WPA Orchestra  Calobe Jackson, Jr., February 15, 2006
Reply: Charles "Bub" Vennie James C. Hoffman, March 1, 2006
Harris-Penn Rivalry  Ron Wenzell, February 16, 2006
  Reply to Harris-Penn Rivalry  Calobe Jackson, Jr., Feb. 20, 2006
William Fisher, Carlisle  Judy Williams, February 18, 2006
Nesbit, Chester and Chaplin  Calobe Jackson, Jr., February 19, 2006
Grafton Tyler Brown and Chaplin Calobe Jackson, Jr., March 3, 2006
Death Certificates Calobe Jackson, Jr., March 7, 2006
Chaplin Ancestors Charles A. Robinson, March 10, 2006
Headstones on Blue Mountain John Lenahan, March 15, 2006
Re: Headstones on Blue Mountain Calobe Jackson, Jr., Mar. 19, 2006
Found Headstones on Blue Mountain John Lenahan, March 27, 2006
Slaves in Westmoreland  Wade Danser, March 18, 2006
Re:  Slaves in Westmoreland  Jan Slater, March 19, 2006
Slavery in Mount Joy  Albert Geiser, March 19, 2006
Jazz at Lawson's  Calobe Jackson, Jr., March 25, 2006
Inflammatory Language, Jean Libby, April 7, 2006
Possible Indian Heritage, David Burnette, April 8, 2006
Midland 1900  Calobe Jackson, Jr., April 15, 2006
John Harvey, 6th USCT  William Radell, April 25, 2006
Monumental A.M.E. Church  Trina Roach-Raschke, May 25, 2006
Re:  Rev. Clyde Roach  Calobe Jackson, Jr., July 1, 2006
Reply to Calobe Jackson Trina Roach-Raschke, August 27, 2006
Re:  Roach Family Connections  James C. Hoffman, July 13, 2006
Reply to James Hoffman Trina Roach-Raschke, August 27, 2006
What I Think About Northern Soul  Ginger, June 1, 2006
The Magnificent Men  Chuck Gillens, August 14, 2006
More on the Magnificent Men  Brian Housseal, August 16, 2006
Memories of the Magnificent Men  Lynda Kennedy, October 7, 2006
Harpers Ferry Conference  Jean Libby, June 08, 2006
Thomas McCreary  Milt Diggins, June 16, 2006
Soul Exotics  Dennis Brennan, July 1, 2006
Robinsons in the Civil War  Donald P. Robinson II, July 9, 2006
Publications of Interest  Jean Libby, July 11, 2006
Charles Roebuck, 1911  Calobe Jackson, Jr., July 18, 2006
Article on Charles Moss, Sr.  Alexa Green, August 1, 2006
Niagara Movement Centenary Recap  Jean Libby, September 4, 2006
Memories of 1950s and 1960s  Barry Lewis, September 14, 2006
     Re: Memories of 1950's  Calobe Jackson, Jr.  September 17, 2006
Free Blacks in Harrisburg  John Weldon Scott, October 1, 2006
Old Downey Elementary School  James R. Murphy, November 16, 2006
Re: Old Downey Elementary  Calobe Jackson, Jr. November 24, 2006
Re: Old Downey Elementary  Trina Roach-Raschke, December 16, 2006
    Re: Old Downey Elem  Gail Jackson Quarles, December 28, 2006
Picture from 1951 Downey Class  Allison Watts, 23 July 2007
USCT at Gettysburg 2006  Algernon Ward, November 19, 2006
"Frasier Crane" vs. John Brown?  Lou DeCaro, Jr., November 29, 2006


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