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African American woman in circa 1850 clothing composes a letter at a desk.



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2004 Mail

Harrisburg Schools Calobe Jackson, Jr., January 1, 2004
Mercer County  Kristy Lommen, January 3, 2004
Quakers and Slavery Calobe Jackson, Jr., January 6, 2004
First Cookbook Calobe Jackson, Jr., June 6, 2004
Lincoln Cemetery Book Calobe Jackson, Jr., June 26, 2004
LeGree Daniels Honored Calobe Jackson, Jr., June 27, 2004
Mixed Heritage Bonnie Jansen, July 6, 2004
Reply to Mixed Heritage Calobe Jackson, Jr., July 9, 2004
More on Quakers and Slavery  Celinda Scott, July 22, 2004
T. Morris Chester School Calobe Jackson, Jr., August 20, 2004
Millicent Hooper Calobe Jackson, Jr., December 16, 2004

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