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One More...

Mike writes:

History has never been better presented than here on this web site, at least for a white male born and raised in Harrisburg. I found this website because I was searching for more information about the Harrisburg Cemetery, but I found so much more than I could have imagined. The stories of history here may be from a 'Black Perspective", but to me they were just wonderful stories of the history we all share.

Who knew how much Harrisburg was a part of the making and growing of America? Obviously those of you who took on this project knew far more than I knew or ever learned in school. We were taught many things about early Harrisburg of course, and Pennsylvania. This in depth writing and presentation brings the past to life.

Thanks for making this available to all who stumble this way. This is very much a website to bookmark.
(11 October 2009)

Editor's reply: Thanks, Mike, for the words of support. History is, and must be, multi-faceted. We learn one version in school, usually the version favored by the dominant culture or class, but of course there exists a unique facet for each race, gender, religion and class, yet amazingly it is all inextricably linked into the same wonderful story of our shared culture. I believe the more we study a different historical perspective, the more fascinating our own historical perspective appears. The study and sharing of African American history (or Hispanic or Women's or Native American or Asian or Jewish history, or ...) does not fracture and detract from American history, as some fear, but rather it enriches it for those of us who are willing to accept a "shared history," which is the purpose of this site.


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