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William Nesbit, T. Morris Chester and John G. Chaplin

From Calobe Jackson, Jr., February 19, 2006

In response to the Afrolumens article about John G. Chaplin

William Nesbit and T. M. Chester had a debate about Liberia at a local church circa 1857. As said, John G. Chaplin and Vashon were members of Chester's committee for the Nov 14, 1865 parade of USCT, in Harrisburg. I think Nesbit was also in attendance. The state is going to erect an historical marker to commemorate this event.


Editor's note:  The state historical marker mentioned by Calobe Jackson was to be unveiled during the annual Black History Conference, to be held in Harrisburg May 5-6, 2006. Although state historical markers exist for T. Morris Chester, no marker for this event in particular was ever put up.

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