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Headstone of Charles Henderson, USCT


African American History
in South Central
the 19th century

Midland Cemetery
Map of Lot Holders

Midland Cemetery was recently rescued from neglect by local historian Barbara B. Barksdale, who began the Friends of Midland organization.  That organization is the best source of information on the cemetery.  They can be contacted at the following address:
Friends of Midland, P. O. Box 7442, Steelton, Pennsylvania 17113-0442.  View their home page
by clicking here.
Friends of Midland


his map of lot holders in Midland Cemetery is undated, but shows owners for most of the lots, and probably dates from the middle decades of the twentieth century.  It has been scanned in sections, and the sections reassembled in a grid, below.  You can click on individual sections to view a magnified version of each.  This map is published online courtesy of the Friends of Midland.  Map images are copyright 2003 Friends of Midland.  Click here for an index of names appearing on the map.

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Index of names of lot holders appearing on this map

names of persons buried at midland

Tombstone Transcriptions
Additional Names, List B
Additional Names, List C
Additional Names, List D
Names of Lot Holders

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SpecialFeature ~ The People of Midland:

  • Clayton E. Carelock

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