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Midland Cemetery~ 
Names of Persons Buried at Midland:

Additional Names, List C


Midland Cemetery was recently rescued from neglect by local historian Barbara B. Barksdale, who began the Friends of Midland organizationThat organization is the best source of information on the cemetery.  They can be contacted at the following address:
Friends of Midland, P. O. Box 7442, Steelton, Pennsylvania 17113-0442.
  Friends of Midland

This is a partial list of names of the persons buried at Midland Cemetery. It was compiled by volunteers and researchers for the Friends of Midland Cemetery organization, and is a list of persons known to have been buried at Midland, collected from membership and questionnaire forms.  It is presented here as it was originally recorded by the Friends of Midland researchers.

This is not a complete list of the burials at Midland.  Supplemental lists of names are below, and more will follow as we transcribe documents, interview persons, and discover new information.  A master list of all the names in our database, including the names of African Americans who died in Steelton in the late 1800's and early 1900's, but who are not confirmed to be buried in Midland, is available by clicking here.

Names that may or may not be on other lists.

The following list is derived from membership or questionnaire forms gathered over the years.

Presented by Mr. James E Pearson of Steelton and George I Pearson of Nashville TN.

627 Clifford Christan
628 Omar Christan
632 William Pearson 176 or 167 Division -2 pc stone
WH Walter Pearson -uncle - on top Infant John Pearson #NAME?
631-632 William H. Pearson buried February 1934 - Father
Lassie N. Adams Pearson - Mother - buried August 1952

Presented by Albert & Martha Roberts

Francis Streams
Mary Jane Streams
Annie Roscoe
George Roscoe
Molly Jackson
Emma Mont
John Roberts Sr
Mary Ellen Roberts
Benjamin Spencer - Unmarked
Spencer Roberts unmarked
Mildred Roberts unmarked
Irvin Carpenter unmarked

Presented by Martin Taylor

Beasley Family
Minnie & John Beasley

Presented by James Howard

Molissa Howard- Mother

Presented by Ronald Flynn

Julia English
Fanny Graves

Presented by Annie Deeds

Francies Jones 28-Jul-12

Presented by Ethel Shields

Millie Keys - Grandmother buried in 1930's

Presented by David Dixon of Bressler

William Henry Anderson died 1917

Presented by Lonita "Cissy" Hanna of Harrisburg

Elizabeth L. Brown died 02/12/1933
Julie Brown died 02/1944

Presented by Donna Branch Bauserman

"Baby Girl Branch Died April 15, 1947"
Raymond S. Branch Died 1963 and was exhumed by family.
Charlesmae Ingram Died 1961

Presented by George B Jones of Washington DC

Lena M. Brandt - Grandmother Born 1873 -Died 1954
John J. Brandt - Grandfather Born 1865 - Died 1925
Ashton Brandt - uncle Born 1900 - Died 1968
Ray Brandt - uncle Born ????- Died 1936

Presented by Harry W. House

Lucian Turner - Father
Lillie Mae Turner - Mother
Harry Turner - uncle - see area 369

Presented by Laura Randall of Harrisburg

Charles McKamey - son - 1954
John McKamey - son - 1960
Gideon B. Lewis Husband
Ada B. Lewis - wife 1956
Wilard Lewis - son 1954
W.A. Willam - son-in-law of Ada

Presented by Mrs. Ann Knapper of Harrisburg

Kate Sullivan - Mother
William Sullivan - Father

Presented by William W. Campbell of Rahway, NJ

James Ray Campbel
Lelia Ann Campbell
Laura Edith Campbell
Mary Elizabeth Campbell
James Ray Campbell Jr.

Presented by Mrs. Jordan

Selena & Mary Robinson

Presented by Edith Hill Culpepper of Steelton

George W. Hill - Father - Born 01/15/1860 - Died 10/14/1941
Geroge a. Hill - Brother - Born 02/23/1904 Died 04/18/1904
Harry Rollin Hill - Brother - Born 07/03/1913 - Died 01/15/1913
Charles Lewis Hill - Brother - Born 07/03/1916 - Died 06/08/1917
Elizabeth Bright Shack - Maternal Grandmother - unknown somewhere between 1890-1898
Rev Rollin Nickens - uncle
Mayme Nickens -wife of Rollin - aunt
Albert Shack - uncle
Doc Walker - uncle
Phemie Walker (Bright) - aunt - one of First Baptist Organizers (Delores Alston's grandfather)
Susie Weaver
Cornelius Jackson SR
Joe Brown
Walter Barrett Griffin Died 1939
Mrs. Georgia Trice
Mr. John Trice
Alice Trice
Mr. Richard Greene
Mary E. Allen 1885-1962
William Holmes
Cecila Holmes
Sarah Holmes
Oscar Holmes
Martha Holmes
Robert Walker
Winnie Doman
Fannie Graves
James Washington
Bessie Washington
Kathrine Douglas Grandmother of Anna Stannard Carter
Mamie Johnson Great grandparent of Leroy Robinson and Edward Robinson
Edward Johnon Great grandparent of Leroy Robinson and Edward Robinson
Mytle Johnson grandmother of above Leroy and Edward

Presented by Mrs. Etta Payne of Steelton, Oberlin

William Lockley
Mary Lockley
Martha Lockley Turner
Raymond Turner
William Turner
Arlene Lockley Smith

Presented by Ruth Jenkins

Shirley Branch Lomax

Presented by William Pollard

Walter Pollard 1947?
Christina Pollard 1965?

Additional Burials at Midland

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