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Headstone of Charles Henderson, USCT

Midland Cemetery's

Carelock Family


Midland Cemetery was rescued from neglect by local historian Barbara B. Barksdale, who began the Friends of Midland organization.  That organization is the best source of information on the cemetery.  They can be contacted at the following address:
Friends of Midland,
P. O. Box 7442, Steelton, Pennsylvania 17113-0442.

Clayton C. Carelock stands beside the grave of his father and mother, Clayton E. and Lillie Carelock.

 » Clayton C. Carelock of Steelton, Pennsylvania stands next to the old gravestone of his father, Clayton E. Carelock, which was mistakenly inscribed with the incorrect middle initial.  "I don't know why they put 'D,' " he said, "It should be 'Clayton E.' "

Clayton E. Carelock, father of Clayton C.  Click for a larger image.He recently had the current stone replaced with a veteran's marker (see photo, at bottom, below), as his father served in World War One.  Prior to this, the only indication that a war veteran rested in this plot was the presence of an American flag.  By providing for the placement of a veteran's marker, Mr. Carelock was able to have the spelling on his father's stone corrected, and he included more information than was currently supplied, such as the family surname, his father's year of birth and death, military unit designation, war service, and an emblem of his father's religious affiliation.

 Also buried here, in addition to his father, are Mr. Carelock's mother, the wife of Clayton E., Lillie Carelock (see photo, below), and an infant, George Carelock, who died in infancy.  Lillie was born Lillie Monroe, in Linden, Virginia on April 21, 1899, to parents George Monroe and Sophia (Robinson) Monroe.  As many women did during World War Two, Lillie went to work at the Bethlehem Steel plant in support of the war effort.  She was working there when she died in 1944. The child is Clayton's brother George Alonzo, who died at the age of one month and thirteen days on August 4, 1937.  The family's residence at that time was 320 Ridge Street. Those graves are currently unmarked.

Lillie Monroe Carelock.  Click for a larger image.Like his father, Clayton C. Carelock served his country in time of war, serving in a quartermaster  unit in World War Two until being transferred to the Military Police.  His tradition of community service continues as he serves as the Research Coordinator and Treasurer for the Friends of Midland organization.  He has gathered a large collection of historic material relating to this community and the Midland Cemetery over the years, and, through the work of the organization, is interested in seeing more information about the cemetery and its people become available.

For more photos of Carelock family men who served in the military, click this link.

» In a family photo from the early 1970's, the Carelock brothers and sisters, from right, front row: Jessie Powell, Betty Humes, Mary Maddox; back row: Clayton C. Carelock, Margarite Neal, Charles Carelock and Anna B. Chambers. (Click photo for a larger image)

Interview with Clayton C. Carelock, June 25, 2002, July 22, 2006
Certificate of Death, George Alonzo Carelock
Certificate of Death, Lillie M. Carelock
Photos taken, June 25, 2002 and May 2004 (photo credit:  George F. Nagle) 

New marker for Clayton E. Carelock, 1887-1941.more midland photo galleries

Historic Midland Cemetery Website


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