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Friends of Midland Master Names List

Click the links below for lists of names collected by the  Friends of Midland organization.  Most of the names on the lists, alphabetized by surname, represent persons either interred at Midland Cemetery, or African Americans who died in the Borough of Steelton in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

Midland Cemetery was recently rescued from neglect by local historian Barbara B. Barksdale, who began the Friends of Midland organization.  That organization is the best source of information on the cemetery.  They can be contacted at the following address:
Friends of Midland, P. O. Box 7442, Steelton, Pennsylvania 17113-0442.
E-mail:  Friends of Midland


A Surnames Addison to Ausley

B Surnames Baer to Butler

C Surnames Campbell to Curry

D Surnames Dangerfield to Dunlap

E Surnames Edward to Evers

F Surnames Fergerson to Frye

G Surnames Gaines To Groce

H Surnames Hager to Hyden

I Surnames Imes to Ingram

J Surnames Jackson to Jordon

K Surnames Kennedy to Keys

L Surnames Lane to Luckett


M Surnames Mackley to Moton

N Surnames Nell to Norton

O Surnames Oram

P Surnames Page to Prysaw

Q Surnames Quarles to Quintes

R Surnames Recton to Royster

S Surnames Sangree to Swamp

T Surnames Tate to Tutt

U  (No surnames collected)

V Surnames Valentine to Vaughn

W Surnames Wade to Wright

Y Surnames Young

Unidentified Persons


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