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Headstone of Charles Henderson, USCT


African American History
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Midland Cemetery
Name Index to Map of Lot Holders


Midland Cemetery was recently rescued from neglect by local historian Barbara B. Barksdale, who began the Friends of Midland organization.  That organization is the best source of information on the cemetery.  They can be contacted at the following address:
Friends of Midland, P. O. Box 7442, Steelton, Pennsylvania 17113-0442.  View their home page
by clicking here.
Friends of Midland


he map of lot holders in Midland Cemetery is undated, but shows owners for most of the lots, and probably dates from the middle decades of the twentieth century.  It has been scanned in sections, and the sections reassembled in a grid on a separate page.  All of the names on the map are transcribed and alphabetized below, with a link to the section of the map on which they appear. The listings below are in the following format: Alphabetized name of lot holder, lot number(s), text appearing on the map for that lot (note that some lots hold two or more names), and a link to the map section.

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Lot Holder - Lot No(s).- Text on Map - Web map number


Adams 315 Adams f1
Allen, Margaret 513 Margaret Allen d2
Allen, Margaret 514 Margaret Allen d2
Allsbury, Henry 396 Henry Allsbury c1
Alridge, Roosevelt 528 Roosevelt Alridge d2
Arp, Hattie 391 Hattie Arp c1
Arthur, R. 231 R. Arthur d1
Arthur, R. A. 238 R. A. Arthur d1
Atwell, N. H. 301 N. H. Atwell; Mollie Love g1


Baden, Henry 332 Henry Baden f1
Bailey, Silas 165 Silas Bailey e2
Bailey, Silas 166 Silas Bailey e2
Bailor, Grant 215 Grant Bailor d1
Bailor, W. 8 W. Bailor; L. Lewis 1/2 g2
Bailor, W. J. 340 C. W. Butler; W. J. Bailor 1/2 e1
Ball, J. S. 221 J. S. Ball d2
Ball, Milford 15 Milford Ball g2
Ball, Milford 370 Milford Ball d1
Barret, W. H. 287 W. H. Barret c1
Baskin, Susie 154 Kevan Burrel 1/2; Susie Baskin 1/2 e1
Beasley, Cora 98 Cora Beasley e1
Beasley, John A. 522 Jno. A. Beasley d2
Becwith, Charles W. 257 C. W. Becwith c1
Beesley, Caroline 1 Caroline Beesley g3
Birge 306 Birge g1
Blakely, ??? 37 ??? Blakely g2
Blakely, B. 27 C. Mobley; B. Blakely g2
Blakley, Dudley 75 Dudley Blakley f1
Bland, James S. 349 James S. Bland e1
Bolding, Mollie 412 Mollie Bolding c1
Bomgardner, Stephen M. 163 Step M. Bomgardner e2
Bones, Christian 353 Christian Bones e1
Bosley, William 57 Wm. Bosley f1
Boyd, Henry 393 Henry Boyd c1
Bradley, Amanda 531 Amanda Bradley c2
Brandt, Annie B. 259 Annie Brandt c1
Brandt, Annie B. 374 Annie B. Brandt d1
Brandt, Charles A. 145 Chas. A. Brandt e1
Brandt, Charles A. 146 Chas. A. Brandt e1
Brandt, J. 214 J. Brandt d2
Brandt, Lena 538 Lena Brandt c2
Bridge 313 Bridge f1
Bridget, ??? 316 ??? Bridget f1
Broadus, Mary 417 Mary Broadus c1
Brodus, K. 363 K. Brodus d1
Brookin, E. 321 E. Brookin f1
Brooks, Lulu 346 Lulu Brooks e1
Brown 626 Brown f2
Brown, Amanda 96 Amanda Brown e2
Brown, Annie 646 Jordan; Annie Brown d2
Brown, Frank 507 Frank Brown d2
Brown, Gilbert 344 and 345 Gilbert Brown e1
Brown, Gilbert Sr. 352 Gilbert Brown Sr. e1
Brown, Jackson A. 504 Jackson A. Brown e2
Brown, James 107 Geo. Nelson; Jas. Brown e1
Brown, John 341 Jno. Brown 1/2; James Oges 1/2 e1
Brown, Robert 799 Robt. Brown f2
Brown, Sarah 533 and 536 Sarah Brown c2
Brown, Walter 456 Walter Brown b1
Burrel, Kevan 153 Kevan Burrel e1
Burrel, Kevan 154 Kevan Burrel 1/2; Susie Baskin 1/2 e1
Burrel, Monroe 158 Burrel Monroe e1
Burrel, Monroe 164 Burrel Monroe e2
Butler, C. W. 340 C. W. Butler; W. J. Bailor 1/2 e1
Butler, John B. 502 John B. Butler e2
Butler, Joseph 74 Jos. Butler f2
Butler, Lemuel 62 Lemuel Butler f2
Byrd 634 and 634 1/2 Byrd and Foster Family e2


Campbell, R. 258 R. Campbell c1
Campbell, William 136 Wm. Campbell f1
Carelock, Clayton 638 C. Carlock e2
Carey, E. L. 423 and 424 E. L. Carey b1
Carpenter, Stuart 91 Stuart Carpenter e2
Carter, Lewis 383 H. Grace; Lewis Carter d1
Childs, F. 55 F. Childs f2
Chivis, Walter 403 Walter Chivis c1
Christian, C. 627 C. Christian f2
Christian, Elsie 524 Elsie Christian d2
Christian, Omar 628 Omar Christian f2
Christian, Strother 278 Strother Christian c1
Clark, Russia 223 Russia Clark d1
Clory, Harry 361 Harry Clory d1
Coates, Bertha E. 523 Bertha E. Coates d2
Cobb, Arthur 540 Jones; Arthur Cobb c2
Coles, Samuel 263 Saml. Coles c2
Coney, Sarah 28 Sarah Coney g2
Coney, Sarah 29 Sarah Coney g1
Coy, M. 308 Wm. Davis; M. A. Davis; M. Coy g1


Davenport 312 Davenport g1
Davis, Hiram 124 Hiram Davis e2
Davis, M. A. 308 Wm. Davis; M. A. Davis; M. Coy g1
Davis, William 308 Wm. Davis; M. A. Davis; M. Coy g1
Dismond, C. W. 537 C. W. Dismond c2
Dixon, Johns 326 Johns Dixon f1
Dorsey, Arthur 160 Susan Jackson; Arthur Dorsey e1
Dorsey, Thomas 106 Thos. Dorsey 1/2 e2
Douglass, C. D. 506 C. D. Douglass e2
Duffin 498 Duffin a1
Dunlap, C. 803 C. Dunlap f1

E, F

English, James 350 James English e1
Fanfar, John 325 Jno. Fanfar f1
Ferguson, Marlin 97 Sophia Stewart; Marlin Ferguson e1
Ferguson, Mary D. 372 Mary D. Ferguson d1
Fields, A. Smith 118 A. Smith Fields e1
Fields, A. Smith 129 Smith Fields g1
Fields, A. Smith 130 A. Smith Fields g1
Fields, George 10 and 20 Geo. Fields g1
Fields, J. 9 J. Fields; J. Mobbley g1
Fields, James 515 and 518 James Fields d2
Fields, Robert 18 Robt. Fields g2
Fields, William 26 Wm. Fields 1/2 g2
Fields, Yancy 19 Yancy Fields g1
Flemming, John 330 John Flemming f1
Flemming, L. 806 L. Flemming f1
Fordham 476 Fordham b1
Foreman, Edward 45 and 51 Edw. Foreman f1
Fort, Minnie 541 Robert Fort; Minnie Fort c2
Fort, Robert 541 Robert Fort; Minnie Fort c2
Foster 634 and 634 1/2 Byrd and Foster Family e2
Franklin, G. E. & Catherine 348 G. E. & Cath. Franklin e1
Franklin, G. W. 277 G. W. Franklin c2
Frazier 382 Frazier d1
Frazier, Jennie 242 and 249 Jennie Frazier d2
Fry, James S. 116 James S. Fry e2


Garnes, Joseph 619 Joseph Garnes f2
Garnet, Henry 7 Henry Garnet g2
Garnett, Louis 525 Louis Garnett d2
Garnett, Samuel 13 and 36 SG g2
Garnett, Samuel 35 Mother Jones; SG g2
Garnett, Samuel 71 and 77 SG f3
Garnett, Samuel 87 SG f1
Garnett, Samuel 89, 99, 100, 109, 119, 120, 199, 200, 205-208 SG e3
Garnett, Samuel 95, 104, 111, 113, 125, 193-195 SG e2
Garnett, Samuel 133 and 134 SG f1
Garnett, Samuel 197, 198, 213, 220, 227, 234, 241, 248 SG d2
Garnett, Samuel 203, 204, 209-212, 218, 219, 225, 226, 232, 233, 239, 240, 246, 247 SG d3
Garnett, Samuel 253, 254, 260, 261, 267, 268, 274, 275, 281, 282, 288, 289 SG c3
Garnett, Samuel 255, 262, 269, 276, 283, 290, 543, 544, 546-549, 649-652 SG c2
Garnett, Samuel 633 Samuel Garnett e2
Glen, E. 499 E. Glen a1
Goodwin, James F. 400 James F. Goodwin c1
Goodwin, O. P. 401 O. P. Goodwin c1
Grace, H. 383 H. Grace; Lewis Carter d1
Green, Carrie 101 Carrie Green e2
Green, Henrietta 327 Henrietta Green f1
Green, Sarah 351 Sarah Green e1
Gregg, Lulu 490 R. Leftwich; Lulu Gregg a1
Gregory, Benjamin 517 Benj. Gregory d2
Grey, Eliza 377 Eliza Grey d1


Hale, C. 61 C. Hale f2
Harris 310 and 311 Harris g1
Harris, Rich 156 Rich Harris d1
Harris, Samuel 152 Saml. Harris e1
Harrod 387 J. L. Irvin; Harrod c1
Harrod, A. A. 390 A. A. Harrod c1
Harrod, Hayes 384 Hayes Harrod d1
Hart, E. 381 E. Hart d1
Hawkins, Bessie 364 Bessie Hawkins d1
Henderson, Louise 17 Louise Henderson g2
Hickes, Charles 4 and 5 Chas. Hickes g2
Hill, Annie 162 Annie Hill d1
Hill, George W. 505 Geo. W. Hill e2
Hill, John J. 64 John J. Hill f1
Holland, Bertha 539 Bertha Holland c2
Holliday, Presley 149 and 150 Presley Holliday d1
Holmes, Daniel 69 Danl. Holmes f1
Holmes, William 373 Wm. Holmes d1
Howard, Willie 485 and 486 Willie Howard one space a1
Howard, Willie 491 Willie Howard 2 spaces a1
Hughes 379 Hughes d1
Hughes, Bessie 362 Bessie Hughes d1


Ingram 800 Ingram f2
Ingram, B. 801 E. Ingram; B. Ingram f1
Ingram, E. 801 E. Ingram; B. Ingram f1
Irvin, J. L. 387 J. L. Irvin; Harrod c1


Jackson, ??? 462 ??? Jackson b1
Jackson, Arthur J. 516 Arthur J. Jackson d2
Jackson, Bella 520 Bella Jackson d2
Jackson, Catherine 519 Catherine Jackson d2
Jackson, Charles 63 Chas. Jackson f1
Jackson, Diana 58 Diana Jackson f1
Jackson, Elizabeth 270 Elizabeth Jackson c2
Jackson, Frank 380 Frank Jackson d1
Jackson, Ida 365 Ida Jackson d1
Jackson, James 542 James Jackson c2
Jackson, Nelson 265 Nelson Jackson c1
Jackson, Susan 160 Susan Jackson; Arthur Dorsey e1
Jackson, Thorton 148 Thorton Jackson e1
James, C. W. 235 C. W. James d2
James, Loretta 526 Loretta James d2
Jefferson, Frank 402 Frank Jefferson c1
Johnson, Charles 93 Chas. Johnson e2
Johnson, Estella 510 Estella Johnson d2
Johnson, Mary 623 Mary Johnson; Ottoway Johnson f2
Johnson, Ottoway 623 Mary Johnson; Ottoway Johnson f2
Johnson, Peyton 511 Peyton Johnson d2
Johnson, William 30 Wm. Johnson g1
Johnson, William 76 Wm. Johnson f1
Johnston, Fannie 273 Fannie Johnston c1
Jones, ??? 439 ??? Jones b1
Jones 540 Jones; Arthur Cobb c2
Jones, J. J. 141 Frank Jordan 1/2; J. J. Jones 1/2 e1
Jones, John H. 155 and 161 John H. Jones d1
Jones, Mother 25 Mother Jones g2
Jones, Mother 35 Mother Jones; SG g2
Jones, R. D. 56 R. D. Jones f2
Jones, William 14 Wm. Jones g2
Jones, William 138 Wm. Jones f1
Jordan 646 Jordan; Annie Brown d2
Jordan, D. 324 D. Jordan f1
Jordan, Frank 141 Frank Jordan 1/2; J. J. Jones 1/2 e1


Keys, Joe 331 Joe Keys f1
Keys, Mary 222 Mary Keys d1
Keys, Mary 385 Mary Keys c1
Keys, Mille A. 266 Mille A. Keys c1
King, Cora 128 Cora King e1


Lawson, Elizabeth 508 Elizabeth Lawson d2
Lawson, James 408 James Lawson c2
Lawson, James 409 and 410 James Lawson c1
Leftwich, R. 490 R. Leftwich; Lulu Gregg a1
Lewis, Ada 339 Ada Lewis e1
Lewis, Alexander 88 Alexander Lewis f1
Lewis, Annie 42 Annie Lewis f3
Lewis, Annie 43 Annie Lewis f2
Lewis, D. 642 D. Lewis d2
Lewis, George E. 386 and 389 Geo. E. Lewis c1
Lewis, Gideon 338 Gideon Lewis e1
Lewis, L. 8 W. Bailor; L. Lewis 1/2 g2
Lewis, W. 102 W. Lewis e2
Lockley, William 38 Wm. Lockley g2
Lockley, William 39 Wm. Lockley g1
Lockley, William 604 Wm. Lockley f2
Love, Mollie 301 N. H. Atwell; Mollie Love g1
Luckets, William 147 Wm. Luckets e1


Madden, A. 157 A. Madden e1
Madison, Alex 143 Alex Madison; Lizzie Valentine 1/2 e1
Magruder, George 108 Geo. Magruder e1
Maize, Benjamin 532 Benj. Maize c2
Majett, John 394 Jno. Majett c1
Manley, J. A. 50 J. A. Manley f2
Manley, James 82 Jas. Manley f1
Maxwell 527 Maxwell d2
McClellan 645 McClellan d2
McKamey 127 McKamey e1
McKamey 139 McKamey f1
McKamey, L. D. 224 L. D. McKamey d1
McKamey, Newton 492 and 493 Newton McKamey a1
Miller, James 388 James Miller c1
Mobbley, Benjamin 168 Benj. Mobbley d2
Mobbley, Daniel 16 Danl. Mobbley g2
Mobbley, J. 9 J. Fields; J. Mobbley g1
Mobbley, Jacob 6 Jacob Mobbley g2
Mobley, C. 27 C. Mobley; B. Blakely g2
Mobley, Clinton 217 Clinton Mobley d1
Monroe, George 477 Geo. Monroe 1/2 b1
Moore, J. & M. 442 J. & M. Moore b1
Moore, Pearl 304 Pearl Moore g1
Morris, Minetta 366 Minetta Morris d1
Moten, Fannie 392 and 395 Fannie Moten c1
Moten, Turner 256 Turner Moten c2
Murry, William E. 68 Wm. E. Murry f2


Nelson, George 107 Geo. Nelson; Jas. Brown e1
Nelson, William 81 Wm. Nelson f1
Newton, Sarah 243 and 250 Sarah Newton d1
Nickens, Carl 455 Carl Nickens b1
Nickens, Mary 368 Mary Nickens d1
Norris, Simpson 371 Simpson Norris d1


Oges, James 341 Jno. Brown 1/2; James Oges 1/2 e1
Oram, B. 305 B. Oram g1


Page, Mary 509 Mary Page d2
Payne, John H. 159 John H. Payne e1
Peachy, Thomas 280 Thos. Peachy c1
Pearson, William H. 631 W. H. Pearson f2
Pearson, William H. 632 Wm. H. Pearson f2
Phoenix, Edw. 114 Edw. Phoenix e2
Phoenix, Wilmer 163 1/2 Wilmer Phoenix e2
Pinn, Crosby 286 Crosby Pinn c1
Polston, Amelia 376 Amelia Polston d1
Polston, George N. 105 Geo. N. Polston e2
Porter, Fannie 135 Fannie Porter f1
Porter, Robert 251 Robt. Porter d1

Q, R

Quarles, Mary 728 Mary Quarles f3
Rivers, Susie 132 Susie Rivers g1
Robert 411 ???; Robt ??? c1
Roberts, John 272 and 279 Jno. Roberts c1
Robinson, ??? 318 ??? Robinson f1
Robinson, C. 644 C. Robinson d2
Robinson, Henry 535 Henry Robinson c2
Roebuck, George 230 and 237 Geo. Roebuck d1
Roscoe, Annie 334 Annie Roscoe f1
Russel, Amelia 3 Amelia Russel g2


Scott, C. 303 E. Walden; C. Scott g1
Severe, George 44 Geo. Severe f2
Shad, H. M. 322 H. M. Shad 1/2; ??? 1/2 f1
Simms, Joseph 94 Joseph Simms e2
Smith, John 126 John Smith e2
Smothers, William 73 Wm. Smothers f2
Spencer, J. 802 J. Spencer f1
Spencer, J. P. 70 J. P. Spencer f1
Stannard, Charles 347 Chas. Stannard e1
Steel, John 46 John Steel f1
Steel, Maria 52 Maria Steel f1
Stevens, Sylvester 375 and 378 Sylvester Stevens d1
Stevenson, Caroline 534 Caroline Stevenson c2
Stevenson, Emma 356 Emm Stevenson e1
Stevenson, Emma 357, 359, 360 Emma Stevenson e1
Stevenson, James 285 James Stevenson c1
Stevenson, W. 355 W. Stevenson e1
Stevenson, William 358 Wm. Stevenson e1
Stewart, Edw. 512 Edw. Stewart d2
Stewart, Sophia 97 Sophia Stewart; Marlin Ferguson e1
Streams, Frances 140 Frances Streams f1
Sullivan 418 Sullivan c1


Tate, John 24 John Tate g2
Tate, John 333 and 336 Jno. Tate f1
Tate, Walter 142 Walter Tate e1
Tate, William 144 Wm. Tate e1
Taylor, Charles 399 Chas. Taylor c1
Taylor, Lena 397 and 398 Lena Taylor c1
Taylor, Lucy 328 Lucy Taylor f1
Terrell, John 244 John Terrell d1
Thompson, Alex 529 and 530 Alex Thompson d2
Thompson, D. C. 463 D. C. Thompson b1
Thompson, Robert 131 Robt. Thompson g1
Thompson, Sandy 167 Sandy Thompson d2
Tinsley, Lewis 216 Lewis Tinsley d1
Trice, John 329 Jno. Trice f1
Turner, Lucius 369 Lucius Turner d1
Turner, Philip 80 and 86 Philip Turner f2
Turner, William 608 Wm. Turner f2
Twyman, James 115 James Twyman e2


Valentine, Lizzie 143 Alex Madison; Lizzie Valentine 1/2 e1
Valentine, Lizzie 343 Lizzie Valentine e1


Wade, P. W. 521 P. W. Wade d2
Walden, E. 303 E. Walden; C. Scott g1
Walker, Doctor 501 Doctor Walker e2
Walker, James H. 503 James H. Walker e2
Walker, Washington 34 Wash. Walker g2
Washington, Carl 489 Carl Washington a1
Washington, James 40 James Washington g1
Washington, James H. 612 and 616 James H. Washington f2
Washington, Maria L. 335 Maria L. Washington f1
Washington, William 337 Wm. Washington e1
Watson, Davis 309 Davis Watson g1
Webster, Nicholas 229 and 236 Nicholas Webster d1
Whitley, George 228 Geo. Whitley d2
Wilkshelm, Jacob 137 Jacob Wilkshelm f1
Williams, Annie 647 Annie Williams space 1 c2
Williams, H. C. 92 H. C. Williams e2
Williams, John 117 John Williams e1
Williams, Rebecca 271 Rebecca Williams c1
Williams, Thomas 637 Theo. Williams e2
Willis, John 264 John Willis c1
Wilson, W. 497 W. Wilson a1
Woods, Eliza 470 Eliza Woods b1
Wright, Mobile 404 Mobile Wright c1

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