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 A teacher in the primary grades, Hygienic School, 1910.A student in the primary grades, Hygienic School, 1910.



the 20th century

"Former Teachers in the
Hygienic School"
"Other Outstanding Graduates"

The following is a transcription of an old school theme book, circa 1935-1940, containing the two lists below. It also includes the names of 284 African American graduates of Steelton High School from 1885 to 1940, which is transcribed on a separate page.  The book was supplied by Clayton C. Carelock of the Friends of Midland organization. Originally formed to rescue and rehabilitate the historic Midland Cemetery, the Friends of Midland also have an interest in local African American history, including the Hygienic School.  They are very interested in hearing from former students of the Hygienic School, and any of the Steelton High students, or their descendants, listed here, and can be contacted at the following address:
Friends of Midland, P. O. Box 7442, Steelton, Pennsylvania 17113-0442.
E-mail:  Friends of Midland  or
view their Homepage

Former Teachers in the Hygienic School

1. Charles F. Howard 1885
2. Aura C. Imes (Manley) 1894 Click this link for more about Aura Imes
3. Leonora B. Wagoner (Gardner) 1900
4. Idella M. Fisher (Oxley) 1906
5. Susan M. Beckwith (Minor) 1910
6. Olive M. Harrod 1911
7. Sarah C. Holmes 1914
8. Emily E. Howard (Stewart) 1915
9. Beatrice Carey (Reed) 1925
10. Charline Howard (Conyers) 1928 Teacher, Cheyney S.T.C.

Other Outstanding Graduates

  1. Pressley Holiday 1890
    Retired Sergeant Major, 10th Cav.  (Editor's note:  Sergeant Pressley Holliday served in Troop B of the 10th Cavalry in the Spanish American War, and was awarded the Certificate of Merit for his service, which corresponds to the modern Distinguished Service Cross. -- See "10th Cavalry Roster--1898" by Anthony L. Powell.  He is found in the 1887 Steelton city Directory as "Holliday, Prestly, laborer, h 109 Adams")

  2. Frank L. Jefferson 1890
    Teacher; Politician; State Clerk

  3. Jas. Wm. Porter 1891
    Palatial Pool Room, N.Y. City

  4. Samuel M. Cole 1897
    Expert auto mechanic; chauffeur

  5. Geo. Lake Imes 1900
    Retired Secty., Tuskegee Institute Click this link for more about George Lake Imes

  6. Numa P. G. Adams 1905
    Late Dean H. U. Medical School Click this link for more about Numa P. G. Adams

  7. M. Magdalene Moton (Parson) 1905
    Former teacher Balto.; Social Worker; Caterer

  8. Oscar N. Frey 1907
    School Principal, Del. (Editor's note:  Oscar Frey attended Lincoln University, graduating in 1918.  A note in the January 1920 edition of the Lincoln University Herald (Vol XXIV, No 1), under "Alumni Notes" (page 11) says "Oscar N. Frey,.'18, is teaching at Smyrna, Del." )

  9. Alice E. Price (Hooper) 1907
    Former Teacher, Hbg.

[end of transcription]

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