Portion of the 1920 census sheet from Steelton, Pennsylvania.

the 20th Century

1920 Census of
African Americans  
in Steelton

1920 Census Listings of
African Americans in Steelton

About the 1920 Census Project

  • Notes on the database (how to use the data)
  • Historical Notes
  • Enumerator's Instructions  What constitutes a family?  A dwelling?  How did enumerators fill in the column for race for African Americans?  How were children listed?  Enumerators had very specific instructions and guidelines for filling out their forms.  Reading over the original instructions given to the people who actually went door-to-door, asked the questions, and filled in the forms will help you understand more about the results.

The data

  • neighborhoods
    Use this dataset to examine neighborhoods, find out about businesses and determine what families lived next to or nearby each other.  The "streets and families" list shows only the head of each family or household.

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