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Orrick Cemetery, Winchester, Virginia

     Sheila Green-Stevenson is a frequent contributor to the Afrolumens Project, and is very dedicated to the dissemination of genealogical and historical data over the Internet.  While researching her own family history in Virginia, she noticed that many Harrisburg and Steelton area surnames were showing up in the records from Orrick Cemetery. 

In researching my family that originated from Winchester, Virginia, I became very frustrated in the fact that there are very few black cemeteries online. Winchester, Virginia has an historic black cemetery called ORRICK. During one of my visits to the city, I contacted the Board of Directors of Orrick and the Handley Library Archives for their records. I was given copies (39 pages). I have now alphabetized the listings and I'm in the process of retyping the information to be sent to Orrick & Handley. If there was any information available to help researchers, it was included on the listing. A lot of families from that area left through the underground railroad and settled in various cities in Pennsylvania.

In speaking to Dr. Brooks, the head of the ORRICK board, I was told that churches and cemeteries in the tri-state areas of Virginia, West Virginia and  Maryland. have formed a committee to gather the info and make it available online. I might also add that Orrick now requires all headstones to list the parents and siblings. Hope this information can be of some help.

Sheila Green-Stevenson

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