A historic African American cemetery in Penbrook, Dauphin County, PA

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Lincoln Cemetery, Dauphin County

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A preservation organization has been set up to look after this cemetery.  The contact address is below.  Contributions for the care and preservation of this cemetery may be sent to this organization:
SOAL: Saving Our Ancestors' Legacy

Located in the borough of Penbrook, Lincoln Cemetery was dedicated in 1877.  This photo shows the iron gated entrance.


William Howard Day, accomplished educator, publisher and outspoken activist for equal rights, is one of several noted African Americans buried in Lincoln Cemetery.


The grave of Jacob Cumpton, marked by this upright stone, notes his Civil War service.  There are many Civil War veterans buried at Lincoln Cemetery.  Jacob Cumpton, however, may have played a unique role in the secret operation that smuggled the president-elect from Harrisburg into Washington D.C. to avoid a suspected assassination attempt in Baltimore.  According to popular stories, Cumpton was entrusted to drive Lincoln from his Harrisburg hotel to a waiting train south of Harrisburg under cover of darkness.  Other accounts give the driver of the carriage as William Calder.


The Popel Family plot includes the grave of Joseph Popel, who is remembered for his heroic efforts to free several captured fugitive slaves in 1850.  Popel was severely beaten in the melee, but one of the freedom seekers did manage to get away in the confusion.


Lincoln Cemetery includes several examples of hand-crafted tombstones, such as this example marking the final resting place of W. H. Washington.  Tiny green stones are carefully arranged to spell out the name of this person.

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