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September 1802: Tobias Belt Escaped from Winchester and was tracked to Chambersburg

Carlisle, PA advertisement for a runaway slave from Winchester who was tracked to Chambersburg.

Sixty Dollars REWARD
FOR apprehending and securing negro TOBY, who sometimes calls himself TOBIAS BELT, who ran away on the 10th Sept. inst. he is twenty-three years of age, about five feet nine or ten inches high, strait and spare made, has very large feet, tolerable black complexion, visage rather long, full face, remarkable full reddish eyes; had on and took with him a fulled country cloth coat, of a light drab colour, with metal buttons, a striped swansdown jacked with fustian backs and yellow metal buttons, one pair striped nankeen pantaloons, a white country linen shirt, a high crowned wool hat, a pair of half worn shoes, with some working cloaths, such as a country linen shirt and trowsers. He is fond of liquor, and has a loud bold speech.

I followed said fellow to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and was informed he took the York road, there is no doubt he has his place of destination, and it is highly probable he has a forged pass or certifiate of his freedom, and may change his name. The above reward will be given in cash for securing him in any goal, so that his master can get him again, who lives in Frederick county, Virginia, neighbourhood of Winchester.
Sept. 18. 1802.

Source: Carlisle Weekly Herald, 20 October 1802
This ad ran through January 1803.

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