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December 1797: Montgomery escaped from Elizabethtown, New Jersey

1797 New Jersey advertisement for fugitive slave Montgomery, who escaped from Elizabethtown, New Jersey.

Thirty Dollars Reward.

RAN-AWAY from Elizabeth town, in New-Jersey, a mulatto man, named Montgomery -- about 29 years old, 5 feet, qr. iinch high, well made, has bushy hair which comes to a point, low in his forehead, and drawn in a small queue behind, he has a down look, rather modest, has remarkable red cheeks, good teeth, chews tobacco and is fond of drink -- It is supposed he is in Philadelphia, as he was seen within a few miles of the city. Whoever will take up said man, and secure him, that his master may get him again, shall receive the above reward and reasonable charges paid. Apply to the Office of this Gazette.

  All persons are forwarned not to employ or harbour said servant man.
December 23

Notes: Although the advertisement does not state exactly when Montgomery escaped from enslavement, it appears to have been in early winter. The ad is dated for right before Christmas: December 23, 1797, and this instance of the ad appeared in February. The slaveholder may have been making inquiries before placing the ad, since someone near Philadelphia recognized Montgomery and tipped him off.

Source: Gazette of the United States (Philadelphia), 08 February, 1798, page 1.

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