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April 1792: Robin and Sam escape from Morristown, New Jersey

1792 New Jersey advertisement to recover escaped slaves Robin and Sam.

Twenty Dollars Reward.

Run away from the subscriber, on Monday the 9th current, a Negro man named Robin, is 55 years of age, stout made, and bred a farmer; one of his thumbs much swelled; is 5 feet 6 inches high; had on when he went away a big purple coloured cloth coat, a short linen coat, a pair of fustian breeches, a ruffled shirt, an old beaver hat, with shoes, stockings and buckles, all good.

Also, a young Negro boy named Sam, is 19 years of age, stout and well made, 5 feet 9 inches high, much marked with smallpox; had onwhen he went away, a big blue coat, a brown short coat, overalls of a mixed cloth, fulled stockings, a new wool hat, new shoes and buckes.--

Whoever will secure said Negroes in any gaol, or bring them to the subscriber, shall receive the above reward, and all reasonable charges paid.

Alexander Robertson
Morris-Town, April 17, 1792.

Source: Gazette of the United States (New York), Saturday, 2 June 1792. This same advertisement was also published on Wednesday, 6 June and Saturday, 9 June 1792.

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