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July 1821: Bill Robertson escapes from Ann Arundel County, Maryland

One Hundred Dollars Reward.
Ran away from the subscriber, living in the upper part of Ann-Arundel conty, Md. on Saturday night last, Negro Bill, who calls himself Bill Robertson; he is about 25 or 26 years of age, remarkably black, has a muddy looking eye, has a scar forming a ridge in the direction from the ear towards the corner of his mouth, I think it is on the left side--he is about 5 feet 11 inches high, slim made, very large hands and feet, prominent thick lips, his face very full of small bumps or pimples.

His clothing cannot be distinctly described; he has several shirts with him, a black broadcloth coat, a pair of green cassimere pantaloons, a pair of cinamon coloured worsted pantaloons, a yellow striped & black striped jacket, &c., also a cross barred cambric handkerchief, with a small red border marked with the letters W. G. It is also probable that the gentleman has a blue Umbrella with him.

He has a mother living at Baltimore, her present residence I think is in Whiskey alley, in a yellow framed house, with high steps; her name is Beck, or Rebecca Robertson; he has also several relations about Baltimore, who are said to be employed as sailors or boatmen; and an uncle who lives a little beyond Baltimore; he has a sister living with Mr. Nicholas Merciver, then on Elkridge. I think it is probable he will either be found about Baltimore, or he will attempt to pass into Pennsylvania.

I will give fifty dollars to any person, who will lodge him in Baltimore jail, or in any jail in the state of Maryland, so that I get him again, if taken in the state of Maryland; and one hundred dollars if taken out of the state of Maryland, and secured so that I get him again. I furnished him with a pass at Easter hollidays to go to Baltimore to see his mother, the time allowed was specified. I think it is probable he will furnish himself with a false one.

Gustavus Warfield.
July 20.

Source: Lancaster Journal, 27 July 1821.

Editor's Note: Dr. Gustavus E. Warfield is the son of Maryland Revolutionary War patriot Dr. Charles Alexander Warfield. Gustavus lived on his estate Longwood, built in 1820.

Covering the history of African Americans in central Pennsylvania from the colonial era through the Civil War.

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