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June 1821: Abraham is still at large after a January 1821 escape

$50 Reward.
Ran away from the subscriber living in Baltimore county, Maryland, near DAvid Gaursage's mill, on Deer Creek, a negro man, named Abraham, about 23 years of age, in or about six feet high a remarkable black man, of a slender make; his eyes are rather smaller than is common in people of his color, his feet are large and long heels--when walking carries his head very much back, and is a little knock-kneed, his voice is rather effeminate or boy-like.

He left my farm about the middle of January last. Any person apprehending said fellow & securing him in either York or Lancaster jails so that I get him again, shall receive the above reward. A letter addressed to William or Joshua Anderson, and directed to the care of Henry Beck, innnkeeper, at the sign of the Black Horse, on the old York road, will be attended to, by

Joshua Anderson.
June 15.

Source: Lancaster Journal, 29 June 1821.

Covering the history of African Americans in central Pennsylvania from the colonial era through the Civil War.

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