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November 1810: Jack Carter escapes from George Reinicker in Baltimore

Baltimore advertisement to recover escaped slave Jack Carter who ran away in November 1810.

RAN AWAY, on Tuesday morning, the 20th November inst. a negro man named JACK CARTER; about 25 year of age, 5 feet 10 inches high, is a sprightly good looking fellow, but when spoken to ha a very down look, walks very erect and quick, and is rather slender made, has a small scar on his right cheek, has large full eyes, and very good set of teeth; he is a very good house servant, and has lived with the subscriber in this city since he was nine years of age.

He had on when he went away, a blue roundabout jacket with white metal buttons; blue cloth waistcoat with gilt buttons, and blue trowsers; a half worn black beaver hat, and strong new shoes. He has taken (it is supposed) a number of clothes with him, among which are a half worn brown surtout coat; a good black cloth coat and pantaloons, and a pair of half boots; and has a double cased silver watch.

Whoever apprehends said negro and brings him home, or secures him in any goal so that the subscriber gets him again, shall receive the above reward if taken one hundred miles from home; and if taken fifty miles from this city fifty dollars; and if taken up within that distance thirty dollars reward will be paid by the subscriber with all reasonable expenses if brought home, in the city of Baltimore.
Baltimore Nov. 21

Source: Aurora General Advertiser (Philadelphia), 07 January 1811

Editor's Notes:

Covering the history of African Americans in central Pennsylvania from the colonial era through the Civil War.

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