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June 1762: Shadwell Has Again Escaped from Baltimore

"Can Walk Upon His Hands With His Feet Up In the Air"

RUN away from the Subscriber, living in Baltimore County, Maryland, on the 14th Day of this Instant June, a Country-born Negroeman, named Shadwell, he has run away several Times before, has been in Carlisle and York Goals, and in Frederick County Goal, in Maryland. He always Changes his Name, and denies his Master, and wants to pass for a Free-man; he is a well made Fellow, about 40 Years of Age, about 5 Feet 5 or 6 Inches high; he is bald upon the Head, has lost his upper Fore-Teeth, has a Scar upon one of his Eye-lids, knows a great many People both in Ann Arundel County and Baltimore, and in Frederick County, in Maryland, and also in the Back Parts of Pennsylvania: Had on, when he went away, an Iron Collar about his Neck, and a Pair of Iron Fetters double riveted; it is likely he has got them off, as he has done several Times; he has likewise on, a Cotton Jacket, with a Piece of striped Linsey-woolsey put upon the Back of it, a Pair of new coarse Trowsers, a coarse Shirt; it is likely he will Change his Cloaths, as he is Rogue enough to steal any that he comes across; it is supposed he will make for the back Parts of Pennsylvania, or for the Ohio; he was taken up last Year 30 Miles above Carlisle. Whoever apprehends the said Negroe Man, and brings him Home, shall have Forty Shillings Reward, if taken in the County, if out of the County Three Pounds, and if out of the Province, Five Pounds; or if secured in any Goal, out of the Province, Forty Shillings, paid by
N.B. He can walk upon his Hands with his Feet up in the Air.

Source: The Pennsylvania Gazette, 16 September 1762.

1762 newspaper ad for recovery of self-emancipated enslaved man Shadwell.

Covering the history of African Americans in central Pennsylvania from the colonial era through the Civil War.

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