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October 1729: A Strange and Wild Runaway is Jailed

New-Castle County,
ON hte 13th Day of October last, a Strange Negroe Man was taken up as a Run-away, in Miln Creek Hundred in this County; He is a Low sized Slender and nimble Fellow, seems to be about Twenty five Years old; has a large Head, small Hands and Legs, looks Wild and Staring, wears a Brown Jacket, ragged black Shirt, short Ozenbriggs Trowsers, with a Pair of Leather Breeches underneath; he seems, as if he can not Speak, or understand English, or the Language of any of the Negroes of this Place; so that 'tis not yet known here to whom, or where, he belongs. Whoever know's the said Negroe, or his Owner; are desired to make the same known to the Sheriff of the said County.
Wm. Reid.

Source: The American Weekly Mercury (Philadelphia), 13 November 1729

Covering the history of African Americans in central Pennsylvania from the colonial era through the Civil War.

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