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July 1836: Jerry Brown escapes from Washington, D.C. and heads for Pennsylvania

100 Dollars Reward.
Ranaway, on Saturday, July 2, 1836, from Washington city, D.C., a black man by the name of Jerry Brown. He was lately sold out of jail in Washington city, belonging to the estate of Mr. David Peter, in Montgomery county, Maryland. He has a wife and children now belonging to Mr. G. W. Peter, residing in Montgomery county, on the sugar lands.

Jerry is about thirty-three years old, five feet eight or nine inches high, black, stout made, and square built; has been accustomed to work on a farm and waiting in a house; he is very likely. His clothing consists, in part, of black cloth, and blue coat and fur hat, about half worn. He has also a new blue striped round jacket and light summer pantaloons. Jerry was seen on Saturday, July 2, 1836, on the canal road near the foundry, above Georgetown, about sundown, with a large bundle of clothing and a pair of boots in his hands.

I have no doubt he has made for Pennsylvania. I will pay the above reward of $100 if apprehended and secured in jail so that I get him again.

Leonard Harbaugh.
July 20.

Source: The Globe (Washington, D.C.), 24 August 1836.


Covering the history of African Americans in central Pennsylvania from the colonial era through the Civil War.

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