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10 August 2023

We have added a Google site search box to the main section pages, and to some of the administrative pages, such as this one! This is set up to search all pages that Google has indexed within the Afrolumens Project. As of today, Google has indexed over 700 Afrolumens pages, although more than 400 are still not indexed. As Google catches up and indexes more and more of the site pages, the search box should become even more useful. It will return ads, usually at the top, but that is the cost of this free service. We believe it works quite well and that the ads are not too intrusive. Let us know how it works for you.

7 March 2023

The Year of Jubilee is no longer in print, but is available on this website for free reading. See the link to the left. Some copies may be located used here and there.

We were on and offline through the pandemic, but hopefully now back again to stay. Note that we are now a .com, and no longer a .org. This is because the .org web address is no longer available. I'm reveiwing pages gradually, and hope to have everything updated to 2023 soon. Email the site at if you can't find remembered content, or with news, announcements or shared information.

George Nagle
Harrisburg, PA


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