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A 1919 street map of the old Eighth Ward, home to many Harrisburg Blacks until it was razed for an extension of Capitol Park.State historical marker for Underground Railroad activity in Harrisburg's Tanner Alley neighborhood, located at Walnut Street near Fourth.

Rising Free

African American History
in South Central
the 19th Century

Harrisburg's Role on the
Trail to Freedom ~ part 3
by T. R. McIntosh
 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, February 2002

T. R. McIntosh --"Mac"-- taught in the Harrisburg School District for more than forty years before his recent retirement.  Decrying the lack of references to ethnic minorities and women in his school social studies texts, Mac supplemented his teachings with material from his extensive reference collection.  The following reference article was produced as a supplement to his session on Harrisburg's developing anti-slavery role at the February 2002 Underground Railroad and Abolition Seminars at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  This is the bibliography to part 1. 

Bibliography on Pennsylvania
African-American History

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