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Essie McKamey, a resident of Steelton

1880 Census of
African Americans

Dauphin County,

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These pages list persons identified as either "Black" or "Mulatto" in the 1880 Census returns for Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.  The data was extracted from published census sheets by Harrisburg historian Calobe Jackson, Jr., and is used here by permission.


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  • Enumerator's Instructions  What constitutes a family?  A dwelling?  How did enumerators usually fill in the column for race for African Americans?  How were children listed?  Enumerators had very specific instructions and guidelines for filling out their forms.  Reading over the original instructions given to the people who actually went door-to-door, asked the questions, and filled in the forms will help you understand more about the results.

Surnames of persons identified as "Black" 

Surnames of persons identified as "Mulatto"

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