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African Americans in the 1830 Census

Dauphin County, page 3
Harrisburg -- African Americans residing
in white households

1830 Census data

Harrisburg, part 1

Page Head of Household Slaves Free Colored Persons  (m) male  (f) female
  (w) white  fc (FPOC)   0-10 10-24 24-36 36-55 55-100 100+
39 John Schoch (w)           1m  
39 George Gallaugher (w)     1m   1m    
39 John C. Bucher (w)         1f    
39 Mordecai McKinney (w)     1f        
39 Jacob M. Halderman (w)       1m   1f  
39 Francis R. Shunk (w)     3f        
39 James Peacock (w)     3f        
39 William Allison (w)     1f        
40 James Espy (w)       1f      
40 Walter L. Franklin (w)   1f 1f        
40 Henry Welsh (w)     1m        
40 Alexander Graydon (w)     1f 1f      
42 John Etter (w)     1m        
44 John Burnard (w)       1f      
46 John Berryhill (w) 1f 24-36            
46 John Kelker (w)     1m, 1f        
46 Joshua Boger (w)   1f   1f 1m    
47 Letitia Brady (w)     1m        
47 Peter Brua (w)       1m      
47 Maria Buehler (w)   1m   3m, 2f 1f 1f  
48 G. Andrew Shulse 1f 24-36            
48 Joseph B. Henry (w)     2f 1m      
48 Thomas Elder (w)     1m        
48 George Nagle (w)     2m, 2f 1m 1f    
  Total (24 households) 2f 1m, 2f 8m, 15f 7m, 6f 2m, 3f 1m, 2f 0

Harrisburg, part 2

Page Head of Household Slaves Free Colored Persons  (m) male  (f) female
  (w) white  fc (FPOC)   0-10 10-24 24-36 36-55 55-100 100+
49 Rebecca Setser (w)     1f        
51 John Cochran (w)     1f        
51 George Eicholtz (w)       1f      
51 Martin Buehler (w)     1f        
52 Thomas Wallace (w)       1m      
52 Jane Elder (w)     1f   1f    
53 Matthew Wilson (w)     1m, 3f 2f 2m    
53 Daniel Wingert (w)     1m        
53 John McGlaughlin (w)     4m, 1f 1m 2m    
55 Michael Burke (w)       1f   1f  
55 John A. Fager (w)     1f   1f    
55 Francis Wyeth (w)     1f        
55 Rebecca Ross (w)     1f        
55 Jonathan Chandler (w)       1m      
56 John List (w)       1f      
57 Nathaniel Henry (w)       2m      
57 Samuel Douglass (w)     1f        
58 John M. Ebenian (w)     1f 1m      
58 Emily Musgrove (w)     1m, 1f        
58 Calvin Blythe (w)     1f 1f      
58 Elisa Bell (w)   1f          
59 John E. Whiteside (w)       1f      
  Total (22 households) 0 1f 7m, 15f 6m, 7f 4m, 2f 1f 0

Number of white households having one or more African American residents: 46
Number of African Americans residing with white families:  92 (36 male, 56 female); 2 females are slaves.
Distribution by census age categories:  0-10:  4 (1 male, 3 females); 10-24:  45 (15 male, 30 female); 24-36:  28 (13 male, 15 female, two of whom are slaves); 36-55:  11 (6 male, 5 female); 55-100:  4 (1 male, 3 females).  As can be seen from the figures, most of the African Americans living with white families, 73 of 92 persons, are between 10 and 36 years old.  Almost one third of these persons, 30 of 92, are young women between the ages of 10 and 24.
There may be more white households with African American residents grouped on the next page among African American households, but we have not positively identified them yet, so these figures may change.  The great majority of African American households in Harrisburg were enumerated together, on pages 65-68.  This seems to confirm the presence of one or more distinct African American neighborhoods in Harrisburg at this time.  The largest and oldest, in 1830, was probably the neighborhood known as Judy's Town, at Third and Chestnut Streets.


Population Schedules of the Fifth Census of the United States: 1830.  Pennsylvania, Dauphin County. Microfilm in the Pennsylvania State Archives, Harrisburg, PA.

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