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Year of Jubilee (1863)

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George Nagle speaking at the Midtown Scholar, November 12, 2010. Photo by Marian Dornell.

Local Events of Interest

Various Saturdays in 2023

African American Heritage Tours

October 7; November 4
Walking Tours of Historic Downtown Lancaster, with an Emphasis on African American Heritage

Sponsored by the African American Historical Society of South Central Pennsylvania, the guided walking tours of these heritage sites in downtown Lancaster, PA are conducted by volunteers. Conductors lead guests to twelve historic sites, including four with authentic connections to the Underground Railroad. Tour participants move along an outstanding tour route, across bustling roads, down narrow alleys; through cemeteries and churches, learning stories seldom heard beyond the intimacy of local families and read in only a few history books.

Please visit the organization's website for more information.

Meet the Authors, Midtown Scholar Bookstore

1302 North 3rd Street, Harrisburg, PA

An Evening with Todd Mealy and Todd Allen: Shades of Brown

Wednesday, September 20, 2023 7 PM
Join author Todd Mealy and Messiah University professor Todd Allen in a discussion about Mealy's new book Shades of Brown: The Official Biography of Jane Elliott and the Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes Exercise. Mealy researched the controversial "Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes" exercise developed in 1968 to teach children how to mitigate racism and bigotry.

Please visit the Midtown Scholar website for more information on Todd Mealy and Todd Allen, and a summary of the "Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes" exercise.

An Evening with Elizabeth Winkler and Peter Frengel: Shakespeare was a Woman and Other Heresies

Tuesday, October 3, 2023, 7 PM
Meet journalist and book critic Elizabeth Winkler and engage in a conversation and signing on her new book, Shakespeare Was a Woman and Other Heresies. Winkler will be in conversation with Harrisburg Academy's Peter Frengel. The question of whether William Shakespeare wrote all of the works attributed to him is often considered literary heresy. Author Winkler discusses the history of that very question and what it means to our understanding of how history is constructed and understood. She is joined by Peter Frengel, Chair of the English Department at Harrisburg Academy and an accoomplished Shakespeare scholar.

Please visit the Midtown Scholar website for more information on Elizabeth Winkler and Peter Frengel.
This event is free and open to the public. Books must be purchased from the Midtown Scholar Bookstore to enter the signing line.


The Year of Jubilee: Volume TwoCovering the history of African Americans in central Pennsylvania from the colonial era through the Civil War.

Although out of print, you can read the book in it's entirety by clicking the cover. Know your Harrisburg History and read the book.

The Year of Jubilee, Volume One: Men of God, Volume Two: Men of Muscle



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