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Harrisburg's Civil War
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Harrisburg and the Central Pennsylvania region in the Civil War


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Free Persons of Color

Underground Railroad

The Violent Decade

Civil War

US Colored Troops

Year of Jubilee (1863)

 Lower Paxton Township, Dauphin County
Willow Grove Cemetery, Civil War Monument

Names of the War Dead Inscribed on the Monument

This list accompanies a descriptive article on the Willow Grove Cemetery Civil War monument, available here.

Heroic Dead of Susquehanna.

J. Fackler, Co. E, 18 Reg PVC.
Died June 5, 1863 at Fairfax, VA.

J. W. Ciders. Died.

B. Carman, Co. E, 18 Reg. PVC.
Starved at Andersonville. May 8, 1864.

S. Carman, Co. K, 72 Reg. PV.
Wounded at Spotsylvania. Died June 1, 1864.

F. Gram, 127 Reg. PV.
Died Nov 8, 1862.

J. Reed, Co. C, 192 Reg. PV.
Died at Summit Point, VA.

Cor. Smith, Co. B, 15 Reg. U.S. Infantry.
Died Jan 19, 1865.

J. Shoemaker, Co. K, 102 Reg. PV.
Starved at Belle Island, VA, Aug 1864.

Heroic Dead of West Hanover.

A. J. Bare, Co. F, 54 Reg PV.
Starved at Andersonville, GA, April 22, 1864.

Wm. Fitting, Killed at Fredericksburg, VA.
Dec 13, 1862. Co. D, 6 Reg. PV.

Jno. W. Forney, Co. F, 100 Regt PV
Killed at Petersburg, VA.

John Wenrich, Co. D, 16 Reg. PV.
Killed at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863.

Amos Wenrich, Co. D, 46 Reg PV.
Died at Hancock, MD, Jan 30, 1862.

Jos. Farling, Co. F, 54 Regt. PV.
Starved at Richmond, VA, 1864.

Heroic Dead of East Hanover.

Capt. G. A. Brooks, Co. D, 46 Reg. PV.
Killed at Antietam, MD. Aged 27 years.

John Demer, Co. G, 9 Regt. PVC.
Killed at Ross' Store, GA. Aged 22 years.

Elias Early, Co. D, 46 Reg PV.
Died at Atlanta, GA. Aged 24 years.

Jos. Geiger, Co. D, 46 Reg. PV.
Wounded at Atlanta, GA. Died July 31, 1864. Age 35 y.

Wm. Houser, 177 Regt PV. Died 1863.

John D. Hoover, Co. D, 18 Regt. PVC.
Starved at Andersonville, GA, Aug 1864.

John Kreiser, Co. D, 46 Reg. PV.
Killed at Chancellerville,[sic] VA.

Levi Reye, Co. D, 46 Reg PV.
Killed at Peach Tree Creek, GA

Sam Hampton, Co. D, 101 Regt PV.
Died at Newburn, N.C., June 21, 1865.

Abr. Shellahamer, Co. C, 177 Reg PV.
Died at Suffolk, VA, Jan 20, 1865. Aged 23 yrs.

Heroic Dead of Lower Paxton.

Abr. Bowman, Co. G, 192 Reg PV.
Died Aug 5, 1865.

D. J. Buck, Co. C, 127 Reg PV.
Died Oct 1, 1862.

Geo. J. Crum, Co. C, 201 Reg PV.
Died at Alexandria, VA, Oct 27, 1864.

David Fisher, Co. H, 47 Reg PV.
Died Dec 22, 1863.

James Harper, Co. D, 127 Reg PV.
Died Sept 11, 1862.

Jonas Hinkle, Co. C, 7 Regt PVR.
Starved at Andersonville, GA, March 28, 1865.

Fred. Klaise, Co. G, 56 Reg PV.
Wounded at Antietam, MD. Died April 20, 1863.

John Lentz, Co. D, 127 Regt PV.
Killed at Fredericksburg, VA, Dec 13, 1862.

Henry Herding. Died.

John W. Perkey, Co. B, 96 Reg PV.
Killed at Battle of Wilderness.

David Pottiger, Co. B, 20 Reg PVC.
Died in VA.

Elias Shepler, Co. B, 20 Reg PVC.
Killed at Harpers Farm, VA.

S. E. Zartman, Co. B, 87 Reg. PV.
Starved at Millen, GA, Nov 6, 1864.

M. Wesner. Co. E, 1 Art.
Died Dec 31, 1861.

Geo. Yeagers, Co. C, 3 Reg PVC. Died.


“The Bivouac of the Dead” by Theodore O’Hara
On Fames eternal camping ground,
Their silent tents are spread;
And Glory guards with solemn round,
The Bivouac of the dead.

Directions to Willow Grove Cemetery: From Interstate 81-S, take Exit 26 (Linglestown) and proceed north on Mountain Road, about one and one-half miles to the cemetery entrance, which will be on the right. From Front Street in Harrisburg, drive east on Route 39 to the square in Linglestown (Mountain Road). Turn right at the square and proceed south on Mountain Road for about one-half mile to the cemetery entrance, which will be on the left.




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