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 Sheila Green-Stevenson's 
Vintage Harrisburg


The photographs below were submitted by Sheila Green-Stevenson, a Florida resident who grew up in Harrisburg.  Sheila was more than happy to contribute her memories of growing up in Harrisburg, and plans to send reminiscences as she gets time to record them.  The photographs show the wear of time, but the images are still sharp and show members of our community from decades past, proudly posing as members of a school class, a local YMCA team or as playmates at a neighborhood birthday party. 

 Wickersham School Class, June 1939

Wickersham class--click for a larger image"This is a picture of my sister's grade school class at Wickersham, taken in June of 1939. I apologize for the condition. Mom had to tape them!"

Editor's note: Tape marks and a severe crease were retouched.  Some yellowing at the bottom is still evident from the tape.


YMCA Women's Basketball Team

YWCA basketball team--click for a larger image."There is a picture of the YMCA'S girls  basketball team. My sister is the tall girl in the back row. Two other girls look very familiar but their names escape me. Maybe once the picture is posted, someone will recognize the others. My sister's name is Virginia (Stretch) Green.
That picture was taken by Henry O, Houze/Hooze, 1303 Wallace Street...Harrisburg."

Calobe Jackson, Jr. added the following information:  "The picture of the girls' basketball team shows Charlotte Tatum, 2nd row, 1st on left, and Jeannette Jones, 4th on right of the second row. It also  shows Wesley Bair in the 3rd row at left. Others look familiar. Charlotte is now head of the Allison Hill Center on Walnut Street. I will see her for identification.

"Jeanette Jones was a great track star of the early 1940's. She is featured in the African American Museum of Harrisburg's sports exhibit at city hall.  She once held the American record for the 50-yard dash.  We have a picture in our exhibit that looks a lot like this one. Judith Fountain is on the far right of the 1st row.  Judith is now on the Harrisburg School Board."

Birthday Party, Harrisburg, circa 1958

A child's birthday party, circa 1958, in Harrisburg.

Sheila's comments:  "This picture was taken at  the home of Mrs. Harriet Braxton, in the 2100 block of North Seventh Street. Mrs. Braxton was at one time a member of the Harrisburg City Council and a family friend!

"All of these children  are probably grandparents by now. The cake happens to be in front of my son, who is now 46 years old.  It was not his birthday but that of the adorable little girl to his left.  To his right are her two sisters. I would love to see all of them again in the same position.  I am certain  their families will enjoy the picture as much as I do!

"The children's birthday picture was taken by Woods Studio, 926 N. Sixth Street, Harrisburg."

Editor's note:  Click the image above for a full-size picture.  The picture of the Steel-High football team that was on this page has been supplemented with more football pictures and moved to this page.


Correspondence, Sheila Green-Stevenson to Afrolumens, July 15, 16, 24, 28 2003.  

Correspondence, Calobe Jackson, Jr. to Afrolumens, July 16, 2003.  


An inscription on the reverse side of the Wickersham School photograph identifies the date as June 7, 1939.

In response to our question to Ms. Green-Stevenson as to whether the basketball team was affiliated with the YWCA or the YMCA, she notes: "The YWCA did not have the facilities. The YMCA had the basketball court, swimming pool and bowling alley!  The basketball  team played in a "Y" league that included teams from York, Lancaster, Columbia and Coatesville, Pa. Those are the only cities I remember!"

Afrolumens extends its sincere thanks to Sheila Green-Stevenson for permission to publish these photographs.

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Steelton High School Prom, 1956

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