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Felton Aviation School
researcher:  Calobe Jackson, Jr.

"Research Projects in Progress" in a new division of the Afrolumens Project.  Featured here are ongoing projects to collect data or further knowledge about little known but significant topics in local African American history.  Please respond with information to the researcher listed with each project.

Felton Aviation School information needed

I have information on William McDonald Felton's, "Auto and AeroPlane Mechanical School" that was first located at 260 S. Front Street, Steelton, Pa. The school opened circa March 31, 1919. It was only located there a short time. It may have burned down during a fire. In 1920, it was located along with Felton's flying field at 14th and Sycamore Streets in Harrisburg. Around 1922, the school opened at 44 N. Cameron Street, Harrisburg. this building was finally torn down in the mid 1990's by the Appalachian Brewery.

    Felton was a Black pioneer in Aviation. I have written to several sites that contain information on early aviators and aviation schools. These sites are now listing information on Felton. My goal is to find information on graduates of this school. Perhaps you may come across some additional information on this school or its graduates.

Anyone with information is requested to contact Calobe Jackson, Jr.

List of Felton's Students

"George, below is a list of persons known to have attended Felton's School at 260 S. Front Street, Steelton in 1919. I found Anthony Smothers, Ross Family and Harrison Family in the 1920 Census on Afrolumens. I remember a Judson Branch, who was related to the Branch family in Oberlin. Willis is another well known name. Perhaps you and Barbara [Barksdale] may be able to identify some more people."


List of Students attending Feltonís Auto and Aeroplane Mechanics School Located at 260 S. Front Street Steelton in 1919

Jacob A. Kline, Hummelstown
R. W. Yancy, 2627 N. 6th Street Harrisburg
Anthony Smothers, 413 Lebanon Street, Steelton
Charles B. Crossby, 1116 N. 14th Street, Harrisburg
Isaac May, 17 N. Cameron Street, Harrisburg
? M. Ross, 312 Ridge Street, Steelton
H. C. Weader, 1807 N. 5th Street, Harrisburg
W. B. Bair, Harrisburg
Amos G. Peters, Progress
C. V. Peterman, 421 Catherine Street, Steelton
Charles Barbush, 321 S. 4th Street, Steelton
Tracy Lamb, 1152 Cumberland Street,  Harrisburg
Blogio Biossco, 319 S. 4th Street, Steelton
George B. Willis, 333 S. Front Street, Steelton
John Dubravoc, 167 Main Street, Steelton
J. H. Bowermaster, 319 S. Front Street, Steelton
Wesley Metzger, 1114 N. 14th Street, Harrisburg
Clarence Forsythe, 1011 Market Street, Harrisburg
George Yanck, 120 Franklin Street, Steelton
T. R. Harrison, 444 Ridge Street, Steelton
Judson Branch, 491 Mohn Street, Steelton
A. Beltorn, 325 S. 14th Street, Harrisburg
Mike Spoljavic, 538 S. 2nd Street, Steelton

2023 Updates:
Calobe Jackson Jr. found an advertisement for Felton's Aviation School that is published on this webpage:

The Digital Harrisburg website also has an article on William McDonald Felton:

We have also found out that William McDonald Felton is buried in Lincoln Cemetery in Penbrook:

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