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Biography:  James Edward Foster, M.D.

The "Biography" pages of the Afrolumens Project provide information about the lives of prominent as well as little-known African American citizens of Pennsylvania.  Because racism prevented the dominant newspapers and publishers of the time from recognizing the leadership role of many of these remarkable people, their stories are in danger of being lost.  Similarly, many noteworthy people became accomplished business or social leaders, yet have never been recognized for their achievements.  The Afrolumens Project Biography Pages are meant to serve as a Who's Who of the Central Pennsylvania African American community in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Professional Men -- James Edward Foster, M.D.
Biography from Pennsylvania Negro Business Directory--1910

"Dr. Foster came into our midst an entire stranger.  Having graduated from the Springfield, Mass., High School, he matriculated at Yale College, graduated from Howard University, Medical Department, Washington, D.C.  Spent some time as an intern at Freedman's Hospital of the same city, and thus qualified himself for his work.  Dr. Foster has, by careful attention to his profession, built up a successful practice and is highly regarded by the profession and the people of this city."


Pennsylvania Negro Business Directory--1910.  Harrisburg, PA: James H. W. Howard and Son, 1910.  Page 81. 

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